About Paquita

We all have many faces and it is often difficult to find the personality of the individual from professional interaction.

Better known in commercial circles for her management of complex IT and organisational change and for drafting and managing clear project proposals and delivery plans, we know there are other sides to her interests and activities, so we asked Paquita to tell a bit about herself.

Here is her response!

Who am I and why?

A question I sometimes ask myself, as I have had a life full of fascinating adventures.

Currently I live in the south of England, with a garden office beside a park where my Chow Chow walks me to clear my head and let me enjoy the abundance of wildlife.

A deer stood watching us last week. I have seen a fox disappear into the undergrowth, and the bird life is prolific. Sometimes I work from home, although my work takes me to client sites wherever they may be.

In the past I have lived in some magical places: tropical far north Queensland in Australia, in a loft apartment in New Orleans, a Schloss apartment (like a small castle) in Germany, and on a more temporary basis in a cottage in the Dordogne, a villa in Bologna, and on an airfield in the UK.

My camera is a constant companion.

Having also worked in many places (my native Australia, the UK, USA, Germany, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and the Netherlands) I realise how much I have learned from each place and the people I met there, many of whom are still good friends though geographically distant.

With an overdeveloped sense of curiosity and a belief that fun should be part of every day and every project, my projects are successful and memorable.

My clients, peers and colleagues from many past projects still communicate and share experiences. I count that as a particular success.

So - I suppose I am a catalyst for creative thinking - someone who offers the benefit of these many different perspectives to generate original new directions in developing desirable futures. My experience lets me anticipate risks and possible disruptions to change plans  - and by asking the right questions, to make better, clearer project plans.

When I manage complex projects I think through the practicalities in a way that translates into clarity of purpose, lines of responsibility and accountability, and involvement of relevant stakeholders - not just highest level leadership.

Experience has taught me that we all have different perspectives and for each of us, the way forward is clear and unambiguous. Sadly, our clarity may not be shared with the same precision by others critical to our success.

So that's me.

I live in what has been described as a combination of an art gallery and a library.

The artwork feeds the soul, the library feeds the curiosity

- the fun feeds everything.