Letting places tell their stories


Paquita'a idea of a good trip is to let it unfold, like a story. She claims to be severely against being told before a play or a film anything pertaining to the tale itself.

Just as she wants to experience the unfolding of a story in the theatre, so it is with journeys of discovery.

When Paquita travels she prefers it to be with the naïveté of the newcomer. I want to be captivated by the sounds, the smells, the disasters and the delights of the journey itself: the destination is secondary.

This travel philosophy means that to get to some place with a label, a title, an expectation, is secondary if the journey itself has:

·      coated you with the dust of the unexpected

·      refreshed you with laughter

·      fed you things you have never eaten before

·      introduced you to people whose life has touched yours

·      reframed your perspective

·      given you a head full of ideas and new thoughts

·      loaded your camera with images.

Join her on her travels: www.discover-interesting-places.com