Paquita the Speaker

Whether in a small workshop,  as  Keynote Speaker, being interviewed,  or in an interactive setting, Paquita is engaging, memorable and always inspires.

A sample of feedback:

I took a lot of feedback from the audience, who experienced Paquita as a warm, intelligent, astute and ‘ballsy’ woman, generous with her knowledge and willing to share practical tips to help others along.  They particularly commented on her strength, adaptability, and ability to ‘overcome the knock backs’- taking what she was dealt and cracking on anyway.  

A further selection of  comments:

  • Shows an inner strength and lives her life aligned with her values
  • Generous with time
  • Not afraid to say ‘no’
  • Fearless
  • Humbling
  • Kind
  • A Leader
  • ‘Brilliant’

To enquire about speaking engagements, contact:

John DOT Ingham  @archerbg DOT com


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