Sample Projects

One of the rules of a good consultant is to not publicise the details of the projects on which you have worked in any recognisable manner - allowing only for an overview in general terms and any thoughts and conclusions and lessons learned to be able to be more widely used for the benefit of others.

So - just a sampling a- broken them into areas of focus:

Business guidance:

Small business adaptation to economic changes to enable survival and develop new markets.

Advising on new methods of attracting talent to fill  urgently needed skill gaps in industry.

Developing airline In Flight Services training program.

Leading IT transformation and risk management in the following sectors: finance and insurance, oil and gas, aviation, government services.

Post Merger and Acquisition guidance on

  • effective integration
  • management of market perrceptions
  • internal diversity of expectation.

More effective IP Transfer for University innovations several projects that realigned current practices with more opportunistic and targeted efforst to provide a successful ecosystem for IP to market growth.

Economic and Cultural Development

Industry-wide strategies that brought competitive businesses to work collaboratively on the common issues impacting growth of the sector.

Analysis report of emerging economic clusters to guide development of regenerated Dept of Defence land in Britain; and recommended strategic activities to foster balanced new business growth, including new training programs and site-specific  target core tenants.

The Film and Music Strategy for New Orleans. Brought together the participants in the first ever collaboration for the sector. The results changed the Film Tax Credit Laws (and had them tested by Treasury rulings in a test case over 6 weeks!) and the city bylaws taxing live music in bars and restaurants - and upon this was built the incredible success of New Orleans as a preferred site location.

Regional Economic Developemnt Strategies. Assisting several regions to identify achievable goals and articulate them effectively and engage relevant collaborators.

Cultural Strategy developed and accepted unanimously in a hung Council for a new growth phase of a local area, including hard and soft infrastructure, public and private funding channels, and benchmarks for success. Strategies included subsets for Heritage and Public Art.

Film attraction strategy. Developed a region to be the second most preferred film location to the capitol.

Tourism development

Business Strategy for chain of exclusive small boutique hotels

Restructuring and re-writing the internal guides and handbooks of a busy hotel in an iconic tourist setting to refine processes and engage team with change.

Attraction strategy for local tourism businesses  to redirect efforts from trying to compete with icons of the area and develop Unique Value Proposition and to better target marketing.

Redevlopment of Visitor Centre and Volunteer Program. Led redevelopmenmt of historic site as a new Visitor Centre, including all issues of build and fit out in compliance with Heritage requirements. Led development of a Volunteer Program that became the model used by the state government.