Have a chat

To talk is to begin.

ERACISM is a local New Orleans group working to minimise community tension through understanding the perspective of others not sharing your background.

Small mixed-race groups meet in coffee bars and a convenor has an article  - usually from the local press - that the group discusses to evaluate whether this is a racial issue or not - each giving the perspective of their own background, upbringing and life experience.

When Juan LaBostrie talked about the work of Eracism at a Loyola University symposium showcasing the groups working against prejudice in all its forms, a student confronted him with this question:

"You mean you just talk?"

He responded: "Talk is a verb."

Paquita believes that TALK is the first activity to getting to YES...whatever the desired YES may be.

Feel free to contact her to discuss redefining the future of your business or your region.