A Generalist's Insight

According to a recent article in Forbes, there is a growing realisation that in what has been an era of valuing only the specialist, there is unique value in a generalist.

Having not had what one would readily recognise as a career, but having held some really interesting jobs in rather senior roles, I believe I can be sensibly categorised as a generalist.

The result from all this immersion into new industry sectors and areas of their own speciality, as well as through working in different countries, is that I learned how the same issue is variously dealt with according to perspective.

My own business roles have gifted me with the many shapes and colours of ideas and their application that we can together twist to offer a kaleidoscope of business options. My extensive reading is constantly supplementing experience with thoughtful new ideas and challenging theories to be explored.

My recent book ‘Shrapnel Free Explosive Growth’ about managing fast company growth, distils much of what I have learned from my own experience plus the insights of successful people in many areas of business. Most importantly it stresses the importance of creating an environment where it is possible to gain from the insights of your existing team in a meaningful way. It also gives some new ideas of expanding your brand and your market reach.

My real skill is learning from others – especially my clients.

  • I listen, and hear – even what is unsaid.
  • I see, and just don’t look.
  • I have fun with my team and my clients - and I think.

The results give new options or refine those already in use: very satisfying!